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Install Door Edge Guards Effortlessly – A Detailed Guide

Buying a new vehicle brings in a range of crucial responsibilities. It is imperative to provide your precious four-wheeler with the appropriate accessories to ensure ultimate safety and protection. The door edges are a vulnerable part of a four-wheeler. It is the first thing that tends to get a scratch or tamper mark within a few days of your car purchase. It is crucial to install door edge guards to shield your car door from damage after colliding with other vehicles or objects on the road.

Perks Of Using High-Functioning Car Door Edge-Guards – An Overview

The door protectors for cars are also called door edge trims. They help in safeguarding your precious car surface paint. A brand-new car surface requires intense protection against daily debris, dirt, and collision exposure. Investing in a door edge guard can save you from hefty car exterior repair costs in the long run.

One can install door-edge guards on car doors made of any material. They come in highly flexible designs and simple installation technologies. A door-edge guard is one of the most critical tools to add to your list of car safety accessories. This sleek, powerful protective tool can shield your new car against daily dents, nicks, and scratches. 

Materials and Tools You Need To Install Door Edge Guards

Door edge-guard installation services can turn out to be heavy on the pocket. If planning a DIY installation, you must prepare with the right tools and information. You will need a bunch of supporting equipment to install door edge guards quickly and neatly.

  • A soft duster or squeegee
  • 70% rubbing alcohol
  • A mixed solution of 75% water and 25% alcohol.
  • A medium-sized spraying bottle

Step-By-Step Guide to a Safe Door Edge Installation

Make sure that you have all the necessary supplies you will require to install door edge guards. The first step is to check if the temperature of the door edge guard and your car are about sixteen degrees Celsius. It is essential to ensure the bead within the U-styled channel of the edge protector adheres to the car properly. Also, make sure that the trim pieces are appropriately attached.

  1. Begin by Cleaning the Area

One must clean the door edge properly as you install door edge guards. Your edge protector will perfectly stick to a clean, dust-free surface, making the job much easier. It is best to use a surface cleaner free of oily texture. 

  1. Measure and Match the Lengths

The next important step is to measure the car door-edge guard length. You must ensure that it matches the length of the car doors you plan to attach it to. Making the correct measurements before cutting will confirm an appropriate fit of the equipment for every door. Measuring carefully will also prevent you from wasting moulds of the door edge guard or falling short of it.

  1. Start the Final Application

Begin by removing the backing from a particular edge guard and sticking it to another door edge. Make sure that you attach it by maintaining a straight line. You can gently press your fingers against it in a straight line to avoid any mess. If you have a U-shaped trim, it must fit in quite easily. Also, recheck if the edge guard has created a tight and firm line against the border of your car door to ensure you have set it perfectly.

  1. Trim Away the Leftover

The leftover parts or debris on the door edge can create unnecessary hassles during installation. It would be best to remove the fragments to ensure perfect completion and safety.

  1. Repeat the Same for the Other Car Doors

Repeat the same process if you need to install door edge guards on multiple car doors. The car door edge trim can function on the rear hatches as well.

  1. Protect Your Edge Guards after Installation

If you want your new edge guards to serve you with long-term benefits, make sure to shield them from direct sunlight or heat guns. It is best to clean it with an oil-free solution or paste wax occasionally.

Some Smart Tips to Simplify the Installation Process

If you are new to edge guard installation and need help with how to begin, follow these quick tips.

  • Create a dirt and clutter-free work environment.
  • Make sure to Install Door Edge Guards on a less windy day and avoid direct exposure to sunlight.
  • Mix the alcohol and water solution in the right quantities and let it rest for a few minutes before use.
  • Make the application process slow and easy if you perform it for the first time. Rushing into the process will only double the trouble.

If you have car door damage, it is essential to mend it and install door edge guards at the earliest. You must choose high-quality car edge door protectors to prevent future damage. The high-functioning car door edge protectors available at carorbis.com would make the best choice for you. The edge protectors come with an advanced design that offers easy installation facilities. You can also choose among various models and outlooks and gain the advantage of long-term, reliable edge protection performance.

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